2009 was a different, difficult, disappointing and troublesome year for most. For some it was just another one of these; for many, this was a new experience all together. The good news is that “2009” and “was” is now combined in the same sentence.

Today we stand at the dawn of 2010, a new year full of uncertainty, surprises, twists and turns. At the same time I have a feeling that 2010 will be a landmark year. It is the year that has been anticipated for the last four years. Soccer World Cup in South Africa! The first time that this prestigious event will visits the shores of Africa.

If we, however, allow soccer to over shadow the whole year, we will miss the opportunities of 2010. It is a year in which we get to decide on many things. We get to decide what kind of persons we want to be, in which type of society we want to live, what type of natural climate we want to protect, what kind of world we want to leave our children etc. 2010 will be known amongst future generations as the year in which we defined our identity.

The challenge of 2010 goes even further than a defining moment. It also challenges us to action. In actual fact, our defining moment will be there where we act; in how we act.

2010 challenges us to think hard and to act with compassion and justice. Not for the few but for all of mankind; for all of creation.