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I recently finished Eat this Book by Eugene Peterson. What an excellent read on the purpose of Scripture. The author distinguishes between reading the Bible for “information” which he compares to eating the Book for “formative” purposes. The central argument throughout the book is that the Bible was not given to us to inform but to form.

He (Peterson) extends an invitation to all of us to come to the table and eat the Bible. This reference to the table as the place to eat the book prompted me to extend the image of eating the book into a metaphor of the relationship between the General Revelation and the Specific Revelation.

The General Revelation is the set table, the ambiance created in preparation for the meal. Without this created space there is no expectation, no anticipation and no context for the all important meal to be served in.

The all important meal is none less than the self revelation of God throughout history; starting with (S)His) walk with Adam and Eve, continued in the history of Israel and culminating in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  Without this meal, served, the set table is devoid of meaning and purpose.

The meal becomes the consummation of the set table; the set table, the indispensable environment for the meal to be served in.


Food security: A crisis

“Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink to live.” – Socrates

One of the biggest challenges facing us today must be our ability to secure a balanced and healthy food supply to everyone. The combined challenges of population growth, climate change, political upheaval and economic growth put more strain on an already taxed system.

The planet is straining under the burden of 6.7 billion people, all of them needing to be fed, clothed and housed. This is all depended on the ability of an economic system to supply these things based on energy created wealth. With the advent of bio-fuels more food producing lands are converted into fuel producing fields in order to satisfy the “green” energy needs of growing economies.

Economies are dependent on the governance, which in itself, becomes a lucrative place to be. The ability to dictate policies and agendas often have the spin-off that he or she that dictates benefits financially. In order to be in government land is often repatriated from one and shared with the other; resulting in further loss of food producing area.

In a time where the burden keeps on getting heavier by the second, the ability of the diminishing agriculture surface to produce crop successfully takes another hit by climate change and weather anomalies.

Many of these challenging factors are not going to change. Those in power will always act in their best interest, even if those who elected them suffer, economies will keep on demanding more and more energy, change will stay the only constant in climate and people will keep on procreating beyond mere replacement.

With a crisis on hand it is time to respond, but how? Creating and maintaining food security will depend on a segmented solution, a combination of micro and macro approaches.

Individuals need to look at their own diet and start to follow a more frugal approach. This is counter to the over-consumptive approach of the day; which is seen in the obesity pandemics in the United States and China and rising occurrence of obesity amongst young people in South Africa. It is not justifiable to pig out just because you can afford it. Try doing so with the picture of a starving child on the table facing you.

Government need to realize that before you take a farm, train a farmer of equal ability. As a country we cannot afford to lose the productivity on any farms. The stability of a country depends on the satisfaction of the basic needs of its citizens, but not on the satisfaction of their greed.

Government and individuals need to find a way in becoming more energy efficient. The goal will be to use less energy or produce more while using the same amount of energy. We cannot afford viable land producing lands being converted into bio-fuel plots.

Families need to seriously think about limiting family sizes. We cannot claim an inalienable right to procreate if this right pushes our and mankind’s future to the brink of disaster.

We do not have a lot of time left to act; we need to act now!