What are we, if not the beneficiaries of the biggest generosity known to (wo)mankind. The generosity of a son-sacrifice, the forgiveness of a just God. Not only were we forgiven, we were brought home and made part of the family. We were given holy food, a safe haven to rest and a new place to call home.

So if we are treated like children, being given a safe haven, fed holy food and grafted into a new family; I think it makes us family. And it goes to reason that if we are part of the family that we should display the spirit of the family.

We certainly sing about generosity, we write about it, we talk about it; we even deliver sermons about it. But do we live it? Have our DNA been transmuted by the genetic code of our Father, irrevocably changing our very being? Have we become generous people by nature? Giving rather than wanting to receive? What about the guy at the intersection or the minibus taxi jockeying for position on the road?

Do we swear, carelessly conversing in sign language or do we smile and generously allow. Do we strive to gather as much as possible even at the detriment of the Other, other-nature and other-humans or do we live light lives filled with generous upliftment of the Other?