1. Write this list
  2. Make meditation a habit for every day, 30 minutes a bare minimum, but why stop there? In short: speak less, listen more.
  3. Read more. Include at least two classics, a cookbook, a book on travelling and a book picked out by a friend.
  4. Visit the places that are mentioned in the book, make the recipes and share the insights of the book picked by a friend.
  5. Run more, cycle more and swim more. Be active. Open the lungs, take note of every breath, the essence of my life.
  6. Connect more. Once again, in short, listen more to others. What is important to them? What is your answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Or, what is your question to the answer 42?
  7. Watch the diet, cut on the fries, the soft drinks and the chocolate. Add on the fruit, fibres and water.
  8. Strive for balance. Not only in regards to the diet, but life as a whole. Know when to work, and then work hard. Know when to play, and then play hard. Know when to rest, and then rest hard.
  9. Sleep less! We sleep too much.
  10. Chill, and know: it is ok to not be ok. Grace is abundant!