People, especially those of faith, are strange. With the number of people on the Earth; trying to  catalogue the strangeness of them all will probably fill enough books to equal all the books written in the same place to date. I will therefore cast a cursory focus on the strangeness of people of faith, especially Christians.

Christians proclaim a faith which centres on grace, given freely by the Father through the working of His Son and enacted by His Spirit. The Earthly example they are bound to follow is that of Jesus the Christ. A man who walked the Earth approximately 2000 years ago; caring for the sick, dining with the outcasts, forgiving prostitutes and other sinners, whilst creating enough disturbance to justify his execution. (So much for a brief confession of faith.)

What gets me, is the way that Christians seem to forget the very example they proclaim to follow; the very core of what constitutes their believe. It seems that more often than not this liberating truth is traded in for a stagnant dogma, which it seems, is more concerned with discriminating between those who tout the party line and thosewho  upset the apple cart.

Christians, instead of embracing the simple life, loving their neighbour, caring for the down and out, spreading grace and dining with the Divine, seem to be on a modern crusade of identifying the cardinal sins, stringing up homosexuals, crucifying those who disturb the gravy train and ignore the marginal.

It is somewhat of a revelation that the sins identified are always those that points the finger at the Other, rather than looking at the Self. It seems you can abuse the Earth, as long as you are not gay; you can covet everything with greedy eyes, as long as you keep the “consumer” faith, and you can love the self at the cost of others as long as you drive by with darkened windows.

It seems that we, (wo)mankind as a whole and especially the faithful, are in serious need of a conversion. It is time that we turn from our torpid laws, on who is in and who is out, to lives filled with mercy, grace and love.