Very often, we ponder the size of God. Different situations can trigger this; watching the stars, experiencing an overwhelming nature vista, travelling the world (especially a place like the Namib Desert) or similar, very often nature, experiences.

One is tempted to think that God is so much bigger, somewhat like a Fairy Fly pondering the greatness of an African Elephant. Just mind blowing, gigantic, bigger than the known universe (and that’s big!) bigger.

I think the reality is on a much different level. The size of God is not as such a question of we being a Fairy Fly and God an African Elephant; but a question of relation.

I think a more apt metaphor of the size of God is to be found in (S)Him) being Creator and we being creation. We, as mankind, are capable of erecting huge structures like the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington US or the Great Wall of China. We build planes like Airbus A380 that can carry between 550 and 830 passengers. Although we are much smaller in size, we are much “bigger” because we are the creators of these huge feats, we are wholly different. Our size differs not in the same realm as a Fairy Fly compares to an African Elephant, but in the realm of creator/creation.

The next time nature prompts you to ponder the size of God, think of (S)Him) as wholly different, think of (S)Him) as creator and not merely, JUST bigger.