This blog is wholly dependent on language. It is me, the writer, communicating with you, the reader, through the means of a written word, in this case English. This written is translated into a soundbite, physical loud or mental loud, which is then connected to a whole meaning. This meaning is in turn grounded in context, a journey, a history, a personality.

Thus language becomes a mumble-jumble of misunderstanding, educated guesses (sometimes more, sometimes less), understanding one another becomes an absurdity. If all of this holds true, I need to take time to explain how I use absurdity. Webster’s defines absurdity as “having no relation or orderly relationship to human life; lacking order or value”.

I use absurdity in an expanded sense of having no orderly relationship to human life. Absurdity in my context is closely related to reality. Where word interact with word, being with being, misunderstanding with educated guess; where despite all Life still happens, where me and you understand in the midst of misunderstanding. With all the many challenges of communication and taking into account the ever changing dynamics of language it seems that we are doomed to misunderstanding; yet we do understand.

When this absurdity becomes a reality for us, we start to have more sympathy with ourselves and with others. We strive to understand more, with humility and patience. At the same time it creates awe and awareness in the intricacy of life. We begin to understand something of the other logic; what is true for me is not necessarily so for the other, even though we have a shared humanity.

The challenge before us is therefore to live with confidence and awe, to seek to understand and to be understood, risking to be misunderstood and to misunderstand, with humility and grace. It is where we live with this reckless abandonment that we start to understand something of the Absurdity.