Life, a word we all are accustomed too. But what is it, what does it mean and what does it hold? Almost as good as asking what is wetness. Well let’s think about it. Is it merely saying I am from day to day; sunrise to sunset and to the next rise of the yellow ball again? Merely going along, seeing only the ground, picking only what you need to see the next day. Getting up; dress to go to work; work to end the day and then to return to your own lonely little corner. There eat and sleep starting the cycle all over again, slowly diminishing into non-existence. A lonely bag of nothing with an outward mask of: “But I am happy; I choose to live like this so please leave me alone”

NO, that can’t be and is not LIFE, for life knows love. And love knows sunshine and blue skies. It knows a vast array of colours. Flowers of every kind, bees buzzing in between. But also clouds and rain, a warm hearth and a loved one close on days like this. Life is a red-pink sunset with the sun casting its last rays over the sea stopping against the blue mountains behind. Life is a fire with friends around. Life is us; our blood: love. Beating in us with pulsating rhythm, making us sing and dance. Pulling friends together, binding people as one.

But the choice is still ours. To dwindle to non-existence in a lonely little corner.  Ignoring the beat within; for it is in each of us. Or we can whip out those dancing shoes, and dance to this love beat of life; even on the rainy days. For love IS life.