Thank you. For taking the time to read this blog.

Welcome. To the start of a new journey (in the very least for me.)

In the blog, Life Matters, Ricus Groenewald begins with why he started a blog. This, together with the reader’s time spend reading the blog, gives direction and creates responsibility on the part of the blogger. Ricus points out to write for the sake of writing is a waste of precious time, for the blogger and (almost more importantly) for the reader.

The reason to write, writes Ricus, is to influence the thought processes of the reader. This in turn leads (hopefully) to a change in the reader’s approach to life. This might come across as being arrogant; who is this person that wants to presume to change my mind and by extension my life? Ricus wonderfully counters this point by asking for comments on his posts as it can then “enrich our lives”.

The change in paradigms (in other words thought processes) and the influence it has on lifestyle is therefore not a movement from the reader’s construct to that of the blogger but rather a cross pollination which is constructive to both the blogger and his/her readers.

I begin my blog with reference to Ricus’s because I have a great affinity for what he says. Any good blog must strive to influence (and to be influenced) and at the same time be worth while of time being spend on it. This does not exclude the humorous or the brief; it does not limit itself to prose or the elaborate philosophizing of nothing; it doesn’t strive only for the lofty or the mundane. Achieving something that is paradigm shifting and time well spent only means that whatever is written; is done so with integrity, with honesty and always seeking Mystery. For it is in this Mystery that we find Each other, each Other and the something OTHER; it is here where our paradigms evolve and sometimes even devolve; it is here that LIFE happens.

So please, visit me often, read, influence, be influenced, celebrate life, seek Mystery!